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By Nisha October 10, 2012

You can save millions in energy costs and reduce energy consumptions by up to 30%.

By Nisha October 02, 2012
Learn how PISPL leveraged Machine to Machine (M2M) technology to create a super efficient cold chain.
By atin October 02, 2011
ISO 50001 is an international standard on best practice in energy management. It has been an eagerly awaited standard and could have a positive impact on 60 % of the world’s energy use.
By admin September 26, 2011
You will receive SMS alerts only on non-NCPR (National Customer Preference Registry) from 27th September 2011. We cannot also send SMS to you before 9:00 AM and after 9:00 PM. This is for all consumers irrespective of the National Do Not Call Registry (NDNC) list. Neither can our SMSes have the sender ID ioEYE (that we presently have). It will be a number as specified in TCCCP Regulations.