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Solutions that improve industrial machine reliability and reduce unplanned downtime.

Industrial enterprises use our AI and IoT solutions to sense, predict, and troubleshoot potential machine failures before they happen. This early detection enables enterprises to reduce losses due to unexpected downtime and sudden unplanned maintenance. We achieve this with a combination of IoT sensors, AI and our deep understanding of machine reliability.

Artificial Intelligence for predictive maintenance

We are research and develop vertically focused AI and ML models for predicting machine failure. Our AI solution enables enterprises to autonomously monitor their machines for anomaly and failure.

IoT Sensors for Predictive Maintenance

Reliable and timely data is the foundation of accurate AI prediction in machine reliability. Our IoT sensors tough (Industrial Grade), accurate and reliable. We design and manufacture sensors that capture vibration, ultrasound. magnetic flux, temperature and other parameters required for accurate predictions.


C100X Wireless Vibration Sensor

Wireless vibration sensor that captures vibration, ultrasound, magnetic flux, temperature.


C200X PoE Vibration Sensor

PoE powered wired sensor that captures vibration, ultrasound, magnetic flux, temperature.


B100X IoT Gateway

Provides reliable and secure connectivity between IIoT sensors and ioEYE Predict cloud. Supports WAN, WiFi and GSM.

Predictive Maintenance

Today’s maintenance teams are leveraging INDUSTRY 4.0 driven PdM to bring digital transformation to their maintenance practice.

Condition Based Maintenance

ioEYE Predict sensors and software make asset condition monitoring easy and affordable to implement.

Choose a new and better way to maintenance