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maintenance professionals

The unsung heroes that take care of things that the world runs on. Working at odd hours, challenging environments, and strict deadlines. We are on their team, making maintenance predictable, efficient and less stressful.


AI models that predict machine failure, detect & predict faults. Autonomous monitoring that performs with +90% accuracy.

IoT Sensors

Smart wired and wireless sensors for vibration, ultrasound, electrical signature measurement on your machines.

Cloud Software

Cloud hosted software, in a SaaS model, that empowers you to manage and improve machine reliability through predictive maintenance.

In this competitive world, more and more enterprises are walking a tightrope between maximizing output and minimizing maintenance costs. This eventually leads to a higher risk of unexpected breakdowns that are expensive to fix.

People who are really serious about software should make their own hardware.

Alan Kay

SenseGrow is an AI & smart sensor research, development and deployment company for predictive maintenance.

Our mission is to ensure innovation in AI and smart sensors that makes maintenance operations smarter, efficient, and less stressful for our enterprise customers.

About the company

The industrial world is experiencing a new revolution. A revolution that is more powerful than the disruption brought by mechanization and automation. The revolution that is fueled by IoT, ML, and AI. One such area that has the potential to be transformed is the maintenance practices in the industry. Most practices are centered around reactive, periodic, or condition-based maintenance that does not mitigate the risk of sudden failure and huge losses associated with it. Founded in 2014, SenseGrow is a Predictive Maintenance SaaS and IIoT hardware startup disrupting this practice.


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Prediction Accuracy

Simple & Useful

We believe that there is a big disconnect between the things that the world runs on and the people that run them. This disconnect leads to inefficiencies and uncertainty that can cost individuals, organizations, and society dearly.


Our vision is to connect things, apps, and people together for working smarter and more efficiently.


We strive to deliver innovation in AI and smart sensors that makes maintenance operations smarter, efficient, and less stressful for our enterprise customers.


These are the fundamental rules that guide our conduct.

Team Work

Success requires teamwork,
empathy and listening to each other 


Being socially and environmentally responsible is non negotiable.

Great Products​

Simple is beautiful and scalable – build useful products that are easy to use.

Customer Success

Our customers fund our growth. Respect their time, money, and trust.


Speed and agility are the game changers in this competitive world. 

Effective Communication

To win markets, great products require greater marketing communication.

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