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Pidilite Industries leads the Indian market in adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colors, and polymer emulsions. With manufacturing sites across India, some machines work under tough conditions, even in explosive zones.

Predictive maintenance of critical and difficult to inspect assets, with some in hazardous zones.
ioEYE Predict Sensors
ioEYE Predict Predictive maintenance AI Cloud
Azure AD directory.

6 weeks

to full implementation

58 assets


22 faults



reduction in unplanned downtime

Reduced inspection possible for machineries installed in  difficult to reach locations.

Increased asset life due to reduced ware leading to capex savings

Production loss prevented due to reduced  unplanned downtimes

Reduced overall maintenance cost Reduced inspection possible for machineries installed in  difficult to reach locations.

Energy Savings– As assets with faulty bearing, gearbox, poor lubrication and unbalance lead to more energy consumption. Timely intervention reduces energy use.


  • Blowers and fans
  • Pumps and motors
  • Compressors 


  • Bearing faults
  • Unbalance
  • Misalignment
  • Lubrication issues
  • Mechanical looseness


  • Pidilite faces challenges in inspecting assets installed in hard-to-reach and remote locations.
  • Predicting the reliability of critical assets is tough due to a lack of machine condition data.
  • Frequent unplanned downtime from equipment failures leads to production delays and higher maintenance costs.


  • After installing ioEYE Predict, the maintenance team found it easier to continuously monitor the condition of these assets.
  • SenseGrow IIoT sensors and AI software detect early signs of machine issues, foreseeing problems months ahead.
  • Early detection helps Pidilite minimize losses from unexpected downtime and sudden maintenance needs.

Solving Machinery Challenges with Technology

Founded in 1969, Pidilite Industries is a leading provider of adhesives, sealants, construction chemicals, hobby colors, and polymer emulsions in India. It also markets and manufactures WD-40 in India. The company operates manufacturing facilities across India, equipped with hundreds of rotating and reciprocating machineries.

Initially, Pidilite followed a planned maintenance schedule with periodic inspections for most assets. This approach worked well for some assets but not for those installed in hard-to-reach or hazardous zones. Conducting periodic inspections on these assets proved challenging, making it difficult to assess their condition and reliability, leading to unplanned downtime.

With the aim of adopting a predictive maintenance approach for these assets, Pidilite’s maintenance and plant digitization teams turned to SenseGrow for a solution. They sought a system that could autonomously monitor and diagnose asset conditions while proactively alerting them to potential issues.

The company installed wireless vibration sensors (C100X) on all these assets, collecting vibration, ultrasound, and magnetic flux data. Overcoming challenges posed by machines running on variable RPMs and intermittent operations, the C100X smart data acquisition system ensured data collection only occurred during appropriate RPMs. Data was then sent to the cloud, where AI models continuously diagnosed potential asset problems.

After implementing the ioEYE Predict solution, Pidilite achieved the following:

  • Remote health monitoring of assets, eliminating the need for physical visits.
  • Maintenance personnel received email alerts upon detecting faults or anomalies.
  • Maintenance managers received daily and weekly asset condition reports for better planning.

This empowers Pidilite to maintain high asset reliability without the need for in-person inspections. It facilitated prioritization of efforts and proactive response to incipient problems before they cause unplanned downtime.

We are committed to our ongoing partnership with Pidilite, delivering innovative solutions that enhance operational excellence and drive sustainable growth.

Within 1 months of installation the system was able to detect  misalignment and imbalance  indicating the presence of a potential mechanical problem

“We are using SenseGrow solution in our production line to cool the hot water. The product seems to be good in terms of architecture, configuration, installation, dashboarding and reporting. They have a good vision and roadmap as well. Thanks to SenseGrow team for the easy and quick integration.”




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