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By krishanu May 10, 2018
ioEYE Cloud Monitoring Platform, has been helping the Supply Chain industry track their goods and guarantee proper storage for their customers. Using ioEYE, supply chain companies are monitoring and optimizing their operations from a central location while lowering their maintenance costs.
canal monitoring
By krishanu April 19, 2018

100,000 IoT Sensors Monitor A 1,400-Kilometer Canal

Water & Wastewater Monitoring
By krishanu April 13, 2018

Remote Online monitoring of water/wastewater facilities

Putting your water and wastewater treatment systems in the cloud

By krishanu June 29, 2017
We are proud to announce that maestro E225 device is now supported on ioEYE. SenseGrow's Certified Partners are already developing Energy and Environment Monitoring solutions using maestro E225 gateways.
By krishanu June 29, 2017
The M100 2G | M100 3G of the M100 series is the perfect solution for demanding M2M applications. Ultra compact and fully-featured, the M100 2G | 3G can be integrated easily into any industrial machine from electricity meters to intrusion alarms or vending machines to monitor with ioEYE Platform on real-time dashboard. M100 modems are fully type approved, making them immediately usable worldwide. Boasting the reliability the M100 Series is known for, the M100 modems are the perfect devices to support industrial protocols and accessories specifically developed by Maestro to ease integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines.
By krishanu June 15, 2017
SenseGrow's ioEYE Cloud Platform now supports Micro System Foundations' Airsprint - 1030 device. Libraries are available to use this device for IoT solutions in a plug-n-play fashion. Micro System Foundations and SenseGrow are working together to enable more and more customers to build IoT solutions.
By krishanu January 12, 2017
Embrace IoT or be left behind … via @CIO Story - Business Technology Magazine
Integration of GIS and IoT
By krishanu August 02, 2016

The American Water Works Association indicated that 237,600 water line breaks each year in t

IOT: Changing Lifestyle
By krishanu July 11, 2016

Dreams are becoming reality with IOT. IOT has made drastic changing in the life of human. The world and everything around us is becoming smart day by day.