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What is the barrier for fully Connected Cars to become mainstream?
By Monty April 21, 2016

Tesla Roadster was the catalyst needed to put fully electric cars in other car OEMs future roadmap. Similarly, it will probably take impetus from some car OEM to pull everyone else on to the Connected Car bang wagon.

Real Time Remote Monitoring over Cellular Networks (GPRS/CDMA) using IoT technology with SCADA Systems
By atin April 20, 2016

Polling of remote devices in SCADA systems has always been a challenge. It is not always feasible to lay a optical or copper wire the site. Traditionally, radio communication was used but this suffers from issues like slow data transmission speeds, data loss and security.

OTAs for Connected Cars
By Monty April 20, 2016

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are an integral part of almost every connected machine. PCs have it; Mobile devices have it, but it did not start out that way though.

What are IoT Developers waiting for?
By Monty April 15, 2016

What are IoT Developers waiting for?

Flood Protection with IoT
By Monty April 15, 2016