IoT will enable more as-a-Service models than ever before

Some of the as-a-Service models suggested in here are a bit far fetched but the fundamental concept is sound. IoT will enable many new as-a-Service models in more industries than ever. We already see concepts for PAYG (Pay As You Go) in the auto insurance industry, although widespread adoption still hasn’t happened.

What is the barrier for fully Connected Cars to become mainstream?

Tesla Roadster was the catalyst needed to put fully electric cars in other car OEMs future roadmap. Similarly, it will probably take impetus from some car OEM to pull everyone else on to the Connected Car bang wagon.

IoT: Need for Energy Management Solutions

Some interesting statistics from Panoramic Power. SenseGrow’s partner LogicLadder has some very similar data when viewed across their customers among the Small & Medium sized Businesses. LogicLadder has been in the Energy and Environment Monitoring space with products built on SenseGrow IoT Platforms.

OTAs for Connected Cars

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are an integral part of almost every connected machine. PCs have it; Mobile devices have it, but it did not start out that way though. Over time as consumers became more connected and their appetite for information grew bigger, these technologies had to think ahead and play catch-up at the same time. It is amazing that a truly mobile aspect of our life, a car, is still lacking the ability for OTAs.

Remote Monitoring in Telehealth

This is a great example of telehealth technology serving as a backup for doctors and nurses in hospitals. Any new change to the traditional way of doing things is met with some resistance and understandably so. Starting small pilots and showing results is the best way to increase adoption.

What are IoT Developers waiting for?

What are IoT Developers waiting for?