ioEYE - M2M & IOT Cloud Platform For Driving Business Efficiency

ioEYE is a Machine-to-Machine (M2M) cloud platform for connected assets, equipments and products. Acquire information from devices & assets in real-time. Store it on a Big Data Cloud, and use this information to improve business efficiencies and Grow.

Know what’s happening in real time.

ioEYE M2M Realtime

Monitor temperatures, energy use and hundreds of other vital asset parameters in real time. Get immediate alarms on email and SMS when something goes wrong or requires your attention.

Reduce costs and improve profitability.

ioEYE M2M Analytics

Reporting and analysis tools provide vital information that let's you identify anomalies, act in time and reduce energy, operations and maintenance costs.

Improve collaboration between your teams.

ioEYE M2M Realtime

Keeps everyone informed of what’s happening. This takes away the frustration involved in managing assets spread over a large geography.


Know what’s happening in real time. ioEYE is a web-based, hosted Internet of Things (IOT) or Machine to Machine (M2M) software platform. With it you can monitor, control and trouble shoot assets and equipments from anywhere online.

ioEYE Analytics

Gain insight into your asset operations. Find answers to questions like: How are my assets doing? Are they using extra energy or breaking down often? Answers that help you take corrective actions that reduce costs and improve profits.