Make maintenance predictable,
efficient and less stressful

Advance predictive maintenance solution for today's smart factory.


Brake unexpected breakdowns

ioEYE Predict IIoT sensors, ML/AI models, and cloud software predict early signs of machine failure. This early detection reduces losses due to unexpected downtime and sudden unplanned maintenance.



Be proactive not reactive

Latest Machine Learning models to accurately predict the risk of failure and detect anomaly.


Increase Efficiency

Increases asset availability by reducing unexpected downtime and optimizing planned maintenance intervals.


Reduce Stress

With 24x7 monitoring and prediction you can plan maintenance and your time better.


Reduce costs

Reduce overall maintenance costs by up to 30% through reduced downtime and better planning.

A new and better way


Powered by the smartest IIoT sensor

Multiple sensors

Inbuild Tri-axial accelerometer, ultrasound, magnetic flux and temperature sensors make prediction reliable and accurate.


Wi-Fi or Sub-GHz versions provide flexibility of choosing the right IoT network for your requirement. Bluetooth for connectivity with the mobile app.


Crafted out of solid block of SS 316 steel and teflon to make it the most chemically resistant industrial grade sensor.

Battery Powered

Battery powered makes installation super easy. Runs for upto 3 years on a C sized lithium battery.


ioEYE Predict cloud makes predictive maintenance even more powerful.

It keeps an eye on your machines 24x7

Smart sensors periodically acquire vibration,temperature, acoustics and other machine health data autonomously.

It knows what’s happening deep within.

Quickly check on your equipment failure risk and get early indication of faults developing.

It let’s you know when things are getting bad.

ioEYE Predict is accessible on your mobile phone, meaning you can access and help your team from anywhere. Be in control with ML-driven smart push alerts on your mobile.

So that your maintenance team can plan and work better.

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