Internet of Things for driving business success
Build Internet of Things solutions 10x faster
Build Internet of Things solutions 10x faster

People & Things collaborate for greater business success

There exists a wide communication gap between Things that your business runs on and the People that keep your business running. What if you could reduce this gap and drive greater business success?

ioEYE bridges that gap by keeping everyone informed of everything that is happening, in real-time, providing insight for better collaboration between People and Things. Evidently, this leads to better service for your customers and reduced cost for your business through higher productivity and efficient asset use.

Build 10x Faster

InstaMsg provides a fast way to build and launch IoT applications with lowest possible risk. It provides secure device connectivity and real-time push messaging. Our open source client libraries help you to accelerate development and build IoT solutions faster.

If you are an OEM or an app developer that is developing an IoT offering, InstaMsg is the right product for you. InstaMsg was designed to make it easier for people to develop an app around a device. A simple REST API and clients for popular hardware platforms help you build IoT solutions faster. You can focus on your app and device instead of building the entire core messaging infrastructure. With InstaMsg you can take your IoT products to market faster.

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Integrate with Ease

Our ecosystem of device and app partners help you integrate IoT solutions into business processes. ioEYE comes with out-of-the-box support for legacy devices which makes it easy to integrate your existing devices with ioEYE. You can choose from existing apps from our partners or integrate into an app of your choice using our APIs. If you are an organization looking to implement a solution that interacts with devices from multiple manufacturers then ioEYE is the right product for you.

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Build IoT application faster with InstaMsg.