A smarter path to predictive
maintenance of machines


ioEYE Predict makes maintenance predictable and affordable for enterprises

ioEYE Predict packages high-precision vibration sensors, an easy to use web application and machine learning models that help you sense and predict machine faults - so that you can avoid costly reactive maintenance.



Smart sensors acquire vibration and other machine health data.




Analyze your assets’ health using techniques like vibration analysis.




Latest Machine Learning models to accurately predict the risk of failure and detect anomalies.




Smart alerts driven by Machine Learning via email and SMS.


How it Works?

ioeye predict working

A. Smart IIoT Sensors

vibration sensor

Smart sensors acquire vibration and other machine health data.

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B. IIoT Gateway

IoT Cloud Enterprise - Water

A Secure and rugged industrial-grade gateway that secures all data communications.

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C. ioEYE Predict Cloud

Machine Learning Dashboard

Collects and analyzes sensor data to predict machine failures.

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