This article explains how condition based maintenance and predictive maintenance techniques like vibration analysis can be used for improving gear box reliability.

Gearbox normally used for transmission of power between Electrical, mechanical or hydraulic devices, or different components within the same system. 

Gearboxes consist of a different range of gear types, like worm gears, bevel and spiral bevel gears, helical gears, spur gears etc. These gears are designed to perform a specific task within the gearbox from reducing speed to changing output shaft direction. The gearbox also refers to the lubrication filled casing that holds the transmission system and protects it from surrounding dust, moisture and other contaminants.

As we know Gearbox is a very critical part of different types of machinery & it is widely used across all industries including chemicals, sugar, steel, mining, plastics, oil & gas, power, petrochemical etc, Which make it very important to monitor its health continuously.

Online condition monitoring plays an essential role in the reliability of a gearbox. The gear condition can be recorded and accordingly maintenance activities can be planned. Online monitoring of gears using vibration, Ultrasound, Temperature and oil analyses is very effective.

Gearboxes Faults

There are different types of faults associated with gearbox & most common cause are gear surface degradation which happens because of mechanical wear and metallic debris build-up. Various factors cause the build-up of metallic debris like inadequate lubrication, using of wrong grade lubrication, contamination, gear polishing, bearing spalling, pitting, overload etc. because of all these reasons bearing and gear teeth starts to deteriorate day by day and finally leads to failure which cost a lot to the manufacturing firms.

Vibration, ultrasound &  oil analysis are some very useful techniques for monitoring overall gear condition. “The ioEYE Predict Sensor has so many advantages over other monitoring approaches due to its continuous, real-time data & multi-tasking features. Predict sensors can measure vibration, ultrasound, temperature of the gearbox in real-time and provide all necessary data at a single platform which can be accessed via laptop or mobile from anywhere in the world.
Real-time analysis

ioEYE Predict sensor can be installed at the gearbox loading locations to capture its bearing and gear mesh faults via ultrasound and vibration(high-frequency spectrums). Our Sensors have proven their capabilities in many industries when the sensor data readings alerted the manufacturer’s engineers about potential failure risk using Machine learning and Artificial intelligence algorithms along with PDM Analyst services.

The measured data is stored in the cloud server securely. This data is compared with earlier analyzed data for trend analysis. It monitors the gearbox 24 hours a day and warns the associated client with an e-mail or SMS notifications if an alert level is exceeded so that the maintenance team can take action on time.


ioEYE Predict scans the sensors regularly for data processing. This can be as per user-defined settings. The above measurements can also be used for trend analysis, in which a gradual increase in for example vibration levels can indicate increasing wear of bearings and gears. This type of wear can therefore be noticed at an early stage using Artificial intelligence(AI) & Machine learning so that maintenance can be planned accordingly.

The pandemic situation is not a barrier now. Checking the health of assets is in your hands.

ioEYE Predict Sensor can be used with WAN (Wifi), LAN (Ethernet) or GSM network (3g/4g sim-card) with Ethernet network. This system can be used in any location also because it is weatherproof which can withstand rain/ dust etc. Certified with IP67.
Alert levels are set as per client requirements or as per ISO limits. Whenever the limit crosses its threshold limit then it sends SMS or e-mail immediately to the clients. 

The following parameters are determined with ioEYE Predict:

  • Vibrations(Velocity, Acceleration, Displacement, High-Frequencies) 
  • Axle displacements
  • Temperature
  • Ultrasound
  • Run-hours
  • Meantime to Repair (MTTR)
  • Mean Time to between Failure (MTBF) 
  • Energy Band
  • RPM


  • Works fully stand-alone wirelessly.
  • Notify users if alert values exceed its threshold limit.
  • Can be used in a location where it’s  difficult to reach
  • On-line monitoring of GearBox 24 x 7.
  • Analyst options are available for in detail monitoring.
  • Early warnings ensure less subsequent damage, cost-saving, planned maintenance & increase revenue
  • Data can be store securely using encryption

Our Mission is to provide Best online-based condition monitoring, predictive based monitoring & PdM Analysis services to our customers for their valuable machinery. Our Sensors, Softwares and complete Ecosystem will help customers to achieve machine availability in peak condition.

Sensgrow health monitoring systems can help save a lot of money by preventing unplanned shutdowns and saving lots of revenue.

ioEYE Predict can be attached to various types of rotating equipment to measure various parameters like (Vibration, Ultrasound, Temperature, MagneticFlux, RPM, Runhours, MTTR, MTBF). The data is sent to the gateway wirelessly then using the internet it is uploaded to the cloud server from where it can be accessed everywhere using mobile and desktop.

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