Meet the smartest vibration sensor.


Wi-Fi or Sub-GHz versions provide flexibility of choosing the right network for your requirement.

Battery Powered

2-6 years based on acquisition interval and ambient conditions.

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Multiple sensors packed into one

ioEYE Predict IIoT sensors captures multiple machine parameters to provide accurate fault prediction.

Tri Axial Vibration

Enables detecting mechanical defects like misalignment, imbalance, bearing wear, etc.


Detects very early faults in bearings, cavitation, cracks and lubrication issues.

Magnetic Flux

Provides a basic indication into the induction motor rotor insulation wear and shorted turns.


Provides a second critical piece of information for trending, correlation and supporting data.

Run Hours

Correlating it with other sensor data can provide added validation into aging-related defects.

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Wide frequency response

Stores up to 400 vibration events of 1600 LOR and up to 800 vibration events of 800 LOR

Supports Stud or Epoxy Mounting for reliable long term installation. Use the Magnetic mount for quick and temporary mounting.
Overall and Spectrum Measurements

Measures overall measurements like velocity and acceleration for trending time waveform and spectrum for fault categorization.

Manual or Automatic Data Acquisition

Acquire data autonomously via the IoT Gateway or manually over bluetooth via the mobile app.

Event Triggered and Periodic Recording

Use periodic recording e.g. every few hours, or at a specified time and day.  Or set trigger (like off-on, acceleration, RPM, etc) based event recording.


Secure AES encryption between sensor and gateway or mobile.


SS 316 and Teflon b0dy make it one of the most chemically resistant wireless sensor.

IIoT Enabled

Configure remotely from the cloud or over bluetooth via the mobile app. Update firmgrade easily over bluetooth via the mobile app.

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Technical Specifications

  • Sensors
  • Wireless
  • System
  • Mechanical
    • Accelerometer: Tri-axial ±64 g or ±16 g (factory selectable)
    • Sensitivity: 4096 counts/g
    • Frequency Response: 8200Hz(x), 8500Hz(y), 5600Hz(z)
    • LOR: 400 /800 /1600
    • Ultrasonic: Omnidirectional 20KHz - 80KHz (RMS)
    • Temperature: -40°C ~ +125°C (±2°C)
    • Magnetic Flux: Tri-axial ±16 gauss
    • Radio: 2.4GHz ISM band BLE 5.0, Sub-GHz ISM band 6LoWPAN, Wi-Fi
    • Range: ~100m in most industrial setups, ranges can vary due to specific site conditions.
    • Antenna: 2.5dBi omni-directional SMD antenna
    • Security: Wireless communication using TSCH protocol with AES 256 encryption
    • CPU: 48MHz
    • Memory: 256KB SRAM
    • Storage: 16MB for data logging. Stores up to 400 vibration events of 1600 LOR and up to 800 vibration events of 800 LOR
    • Power Source: 3.6 Volt Lithium Thionyl Chloride size C, nominal capacity 8.5 Ah
    • Battery Life: 2-6 years based on acquisition interval
    • Temperature Working: -40°C to +80°C
    • Temperature Storage: -40°C to 85°C (125°C without battery))
    • Certifications: CE, Atex Class 1 Div 2, UL, RoHS
    • Dimensions: ⌀ 42.5 mm x height 90.5 mm
    • Weight: 300 gm
    • Mounting: Stud, Epoxy or Magnetic mounting
    • Enclosure: SS316 and PTFE (Teflon)
    • IP Rating: IP67

Use your existing Wi-Fi network or our IIoT Gateway for long-range reliable 6LowPAN Sub-GHz network

ioEYE Predict Gateway is designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity between sensors and ioEYE Predict cloud.


ioEYE Predict makes PdM affordable and even more powerful

IOT Sensor

Acquire contineous machine health data


Predict faults accurately
  • App
  • App

Now collect asset predictive maintenance data without human intervention and error, 24 x 7. Free up the time your team spends on data collection via an handheld.


Now access your machine's health and diagnostic data from anywhere using a mobile phone. Digital transformation for your maintenance team.


ioEYE Predicts assist you in identifying machines that need attention. The area where they need attention. The advance analytical tools can help you do a root cause analysis and support your decisions.


We have used the latest technology while striking a balance between affordability and features. It is designed to get the work done cost effectively.