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Condition monitoring solution for 4 major failure of rotating assets

Do you know it is possible to determine the health of the machine & overcome the problem of machine failure? Equipment downtime and poor performance can cost your company a lot, But with the right technologies like condition monitoring and reliability practices, it is possible to determine the nature and severity of fault conditions months before the machine would fail.

Condition monitoring with wireless IoT sensors and ioEYE Predict Cloud-Based software empowers industry professionals to get ahead of equipment problems and avoid downtime by accessing current, vibration and temperature data from anywhere in a plant at any given time.

Also for critical machines, vibration monitoring is essential. Vibration screening allows teams to be notified of abnormal vibration, further analyze and diagnose with vibration testers to identify the fault if abnormalities occur, and perform the right corrective action at the right time.

Therefore, condition monitoring and vibration screening strengthen maintenance and reliability programs resulting in even lower costs and better performance.

The top five benefits of vibration screening and cloud-based conditional monitoring software are:

  • Dashboard to show data live via cloud-based Platform | Screen quickly, act quickly
  • Organize information for data-driven decisions
  • Receive alarms when abnormalities occur
  • Alarm based on abnormalities caused by the four most common faults (imbalance, misalignment, bearing wear and looseness) early
  • Reduce maintenance cost

Failure Reason

The errors which result in failure of pumps and motors are due to Human error, Operator error or Maintenance error.

In pumps, motors, and most other rotating equipment, the four most common faults are misalignment, looseness, imbalance, and bearing wear. All these can cause increased power consumption, vibration, and stress on shafts. This article will discuss the causes of these faults and how best to detect and how to use screening to gain early notification of them to avoid asset damage or failure.

The four major faults in rotating assets

As there are various modes of failure of rotating assets, including pump and motors, but there are high chances that one of these four failure modes was involved.

1. Misalignment

Pump shaft misalignment occurs when one shaft or surface is moved from its desired position. These movements can lead to misalignment in the entirety or partial sections of a pumping system. Misalignment in pump shafts can also result in an increase in resultant forces that change the angles and orientations into new resultant load directions.

Misalignment may be caused by:

  • Relative Movement, thermal growth or expansion
  • Strain, attached piping runs can force equipment out of alignment
  • Torsional Movement, initial high torque caused during startup
  • Settling, base plate settles to lower position
  • Misboard Coupling, manufacturing defect

2. Imbalance

Pumps can at times seem as if they are misaligned, have bad bearings, or are overheating, but the cause is often an imbalance in the pump assembly or another component. Imbalance also causes vibration and heat buildup. Impellers should be precision balanced, which has a huge impact on the life of the pump bearings.

Imbalance may be caused by:

  • Eroded impeller blades
  • Problems with motor rotors
  • Improper bearing installation
  • Bent shaft


The shaft, foundation, or a component may become loose. This causes forces that lead to excessive vibration and increases the wear in the bearings and seals. It may also cause baseplate problems, including soft foot; loose bolts; cracks in a frame; or improper fit between components, including impeller clearances. If not identified and corrected, looseness will shorten the asset’s and other components’ lives, ultimately causing failure.

Looseness may be caused by:

  • Improper installation
  • Manufacturing defects
  • Baseplate issues
  • Improperly torqued fasteners
  • Underlying vibration from other faults

Bearing wear

Bearing wear is usually caused by other factors acting on the bearings. If the bearings are failing prematurely, the other low-level faults (imbalance, misalignment, or looseness) may be the cause.

Causes of bearing wear are:

  • Lubrication Failure
  • Contamination
  • Improper Mounting
  • Corrosion
  • Electric Damage


Sensors are placed on assets( Pump, Rotatory Machine ) to fetch real-time vibration data on the cloud-based software. The sensor will be placed and mounted on the asset with epoxy, included adhesive, magnetic or other fasteners.

All rotating machines experience vibration. Pumps and motors have different faults that vibration screening can identify. The trick to obtaining the most accurate data is placing the sensors on the correct locations for each asset and selecting the correct sensor for the vibration frequency.

Pumps and motors transmit their vibrations from the shaft to the bearings to the housing and then to the casing. Each sensor should be installed so it is mechanically coupled properly to detect the energy. Avoid locations that may dampen or absorb the vibrations.

Screening to identify damage-causing vibration

A remote vibration sensor is small enough to fit in hard-to-reach places and affordable enough to place on multiple locations on equipment (for example, four test points). Precise placement increases accuracy and reduces the time it takes to screen an asset. The data generated from many sensors are wirelessly transmitted and stored using the cloud-based condition monitoring software. Many software programs have an app that can be downloaded to a smart device or PC, allowing teams to remotely monitor asset health and review historical data anytime and almost anywhere with an Internet connection.


In many instances, the software even generates automatic alerts when measurements travel outside safe parameters, notifying maintenance team members before issues become critical. With vibration screening, early indications of abnormalities can help teams do the following:

  • Avoid unexpected downtime
  • Find (with further examination) and fix failures at an earlier stage
  • Collect historical data to justify maintenance spend
  • Democratize vibration expertise for non-experts providing easy-to-interpret data
  • Screen vibrations on hard-to-access machines
  • Collect and analyze cloud-based vibration data

These early warnings allow teams to move into the next maintenance level above screening which is diagnosing. This way, they focus on machines known to have a potential problem instead of monitoring healthy assets.

Want to try ioEYE Predict PdM solution?

How condition monitoring of the pump, motor or rotatory machine are done?


IoT Sensor + Wireless IoT Gateway + ioEYE Predict cloud platform
  1. Vibration Sensor: ioEYE Predict wireless vibration sensor for continuous monitoring of your rotating machines such as motors, fans, pumps and compressors. The sensor captures vibration data at a high resolution and transmits it to ioEYE Predict secure cloud for automated diagnosis of machine health.

    • Triaxial Vibration & Temperature
    • 24 x 7 Monitoring
    • Wireless
    • Battery powered
    • Stud or Epoxy mounting
    • IP67 housing
  2. IoT Gateway : ioEYE Predict Gateway is designed to provide reliable and secure connectivity between sensors and ioEYE Predict cloud.

  3. ioEYE Predict Cloud: ioEYE predicts combines the latest in sensor, web and machine learning technology that can help you implement a predictive maintenance program at an affordable cost.

    • Real-Time Insights into machine health parameters
    • Machine learning models to predict Machine anomalies
    • Predictive maintenance analysis tools
    • Web-based - access from anywhere using a web browser
    • Fully Secure datacenter and application
    • Software as a Subscription model makes it easy to implement and scale

Benefit of ioEYE Predict cloud based condition monitoring software

  • 24x7 machine health monitoring
  • Machine health alerts
  • Predictive maintenance analytics to analyze asset health.
  • Web and mobile access from anywhere using a web browser
  • Machine Learning(ML) based predictions for anomaly and fault detection
  • Software as a Subscription model makes it easy to implement and scale

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