Real-Time monitoring of millions of IoT devices with ioEYE IoT Platform

Real-Time monitor IoT Devices with ioEYE IoT cloud platform. ioEYE by SenseGrow is a cloud based machine to machine(M2M) software platform. ioEYE enables us to connect our devices to the cloud in just a few clicks and see our device data come to life.

IoT Sensors Monitor A 1,400-Kilometer Canal in china

100,000 IoT Sensors Monitor A 1,400-Kilometer Canal

The massive Internet-of-things (IoT) network that quietly monitors the middle road is impressive in itself. More than 100,000 individual sensors are located on the 1,400-kilometer waterway linking the Danjiangkou Reservoir to Beijing and Tianjin. During the past year, he has swept the canal to detect structural damage, monitor water quality and flows, and monitor intruders, whether they are humans or animals.