Water Conservation: Integration of GIS and IoT

The American Water Works Association indicated that 237,600 water line breaks each year in the U.S. and cost public water utilities approximately $2.8 billion annually. Further, aging and leaky pipes steal 7 billion gallons each day from our water systems.

Smart Farming: IoT and Shipping Containers

Smart farming as an application of IoT has been picking up a lot of traction lately. We see not only startups building smart farming solutions but even large corporations, like John Deere, realizing the potential benefits of IoT in farming equipment.

Smart Cities: IoT for Waste Management

Creating waste is one of the few necessary evils that does not get nearly enough attention. In US alone, we are generating 30% more waste per day than we did 50 years ago. Steps have been taken to handle and process this waste in a better way and building better awareness among people has helped.

Industrial IoT: Tip of the iceberg

It is true that Consumer IoT, despite all the hype around it, is mostly a fizzle. Anybody who thinks otherwise need not look very far to see the all the evidence to the contrary. All the smart diapers, toothbrushes etc. might actually be creating an IoT fatigue, which could make industrial adoption slower.

Environmental impact of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles and their advantages to the society have been talked about a lot recently. On the flip side, a lot has been said about how it will affect the employment and livelihood of people who depend on transport related jobs.

While these two sides represent the black and white of the impact of autonomous vehicles, the undeniable advantage is the environmental impact. With fewer vehicles on the road and the ones on the road being utilized efficiently, fewer traffic congestions and emissions will be the prize at the end.

IoT: The Interoperability conundrum

Lack of interoperability is and will be a major issue for any IoT deployment. In a race to build a plethora of IoT devices, the hardware industry seems to be more focused on providing more features at a competitive price. In the process they are ignoring, either by choice or otherwise, the need for interoperability. Any city-wide or even an enterprise-wide IoT deployment is likely to use multiple hardware from multiple vendors.

IIoT: Necessity for Oil & Gas Industry

Oil prices have been experiencing new lows with no sign of relief for the oil and gas industry. As the cost of production as high as it has always been, the oil and gas industry is looking to IoT for cost reduction measure. With traditional wired technologies being more expensive than the alternative, wireless sensor networks are starting to become a very viable option.

IoT: Drones for utility asset inspections

Use of drones has been visualized for an immense number of applications not only in the consumer market but also in enterprise. While the FAA is working on the regulations for drones, makers have been building solutions, or at least concepts of it, for various use cases.

IoT solution for the HVAC industry

HVACs are probably among the most energy consuming systems in a building. IoT solutions for HVACs are pretty straightforward and are some of the many that show immediate return on investment. SenseGrow’s partner LogicLadder has built end-to-end solutions for the HVAC industry using InstaMsg. In their experience, the energy cost saving for the customers is in the 20% - 30% range on average.

Security: IoT Platforms vs Platforms repurposed for IoT

Security has been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to IoT, or at least when something goes wrong and generates a lot of news. We all have heard about how some car systems were hacked and the potential for the havoc it can cause. Such concerns even if not as high profile, can and probably do occur in other sectors as well. There have also been a few cases of baby monitors and video surveillance systems being compromised. It almost seems that security is hardly seen as a requirement until there is a risk of life situation involved.