Environmental impact of autonomous vehicles

Autonomous vehicles and their advantages to the society have been talked about a lot recently. On the flip side, a lot has been said about how it will affect the employment and livelihood of people who depend on transport related jobs.

While these two sides represent the black and white of the impact of autonomous vehicles, the undeniable advantage is the environmental impact. With fewer vehicles on the road and the ones on the road being utilized efficiently, fewer traffic congestions and emissions will be the prize at the end.

How can Car Companies secure the connected future in the Cloud?

A car by itself, despite all the bells and whistles is probably the least connected aspect of our daily lives. Indeed, there are infotainment systems and emergency support systems but car connectivity has still not brought in the kind of services that all other connected systems in our daily lives have. Safety and the regulations around it probably had a lot to do with it in the beginning and now data security and privacy is becoming another roadblock. Hacking incidents have spooked the car companies and this has added further to the delay in innovation.

What is the barrier for fully Connected Cars to become mainstream?

Tesla Roadster was the catalyst needed to put fully electric cars in other car OEMs future roadmap. Similarly, it will probably take impetus from some car OEM to pull everyone else on to the Connected Car bang wagon.

OTAs for Connected Cars

Over-The-Air (OTA) updates are an integral part of almost every connected machine. PCs have it; Mobile devices have it, but it did not start out that way though. Over time as consumers became more connected and their appetite for information grew bigger, these technologies had to think ahead and play catch-up at the same time. It is amazing that a truly mobile aspect of our life, a car, is still lacking the ability for OTAs.

Will self-driving cars meet the ever increasing expectations?

A few weeks ago, one of Google's self-driving cars got into a little fender-bender in Mountain View, home of SenseGrow. A lot has been said about the long road ahead for self-driving cars when it comes to safety. Some interesting views were highlighted here.

Going beyond In-Car Entertainment: Connected Car Diagnostics and Maintenance

At SenseGrow, we have a use-case for how this can be achieved with existing infrastructure in the recent car models. It is always convenient to build an end-to-end solution by building each individual piece anew. New gateways, innovative uses of the OBD port with new OBD dongles have all been explored, but the barrier for entry is still the automobile manufacturer. There is still very little data being exposed at the OBD port and it will be a long while before new hardware can make it into the vehicle manufacturing process.

Mitsubishi Compact AI: Natural Evolution for IoT

Wonderful announcement from Mitsubishi Electric. Compact AI for low-memory devices will open countless possibilities for what can be accomplished in IoT. This doesn't get into the details about the power consumption aspect of devices using this Compact AI, but power constraints are not really an issue for the use-cases listed in the article.