Cloud based machine to machine software platform.


Get aware of alarm conditions and act immediately


Get real time alerts on deviation from optimum operating conditions. You can then find and fix problems in time. Fixing problems in time, and online remotely, helps you reduce downtime and operation costs.

Improve asset productivity and save money

Maintain continuous record of your equipments historical data. Download and analyze it yourself or with our other web apps. And uncover wastage of energy, malfunctioning of equipments or other critical issues that would have otherwise gone unnoticed.

Spend less time and money on field operations

Remotely monitor, control and troubleshoot equipments without visiting remote sites. Real time alerts to field staff via SMS, in case of an alarm condition, enables them to take immediate actions.

Deliver proactive product support

Remotely monitor your products. Diagnose developing faults. And provide proactive support even before your customers realizes that there is something wrong. Imagine what it can do for you brand value.

Reduce downtime and maintenance costs

ioEYE provides early indication of developing faults and potential equipment failures. You can then schedule maintenance and take corrective action to avoid sudden failure.

Save energy, money and our planet

Monitor energy online with ioEYE. ioEYE integrates seamlessly with ioEYE Energy™ ; a web app for energy management. You can then - Identify energy wastage. Reduce it. And save energy, money and our planet.

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