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Online Remote Monitoring with IoT for Water Distribution & Treatment Plants

Water is one of our most precious natural resources. Even though more than two-thirds of earth’s surface is water, clean drinking water is still a limited resource. We rely mostly on rivers, and rain for our drinking water needs. As weather patterns change, this supply of clean water also changes. California is a glaring example of how lack of rain can plunge a huge part of a country’s population into an unprecedented drought. So much groundwater is being pumped out, that parts of California have sunk by as much as 12 inches and it will take decades before this groundwater can return to normal levels.

This has led to some strict regulations on water usage with increased rates and penalties for excessive use. This has also put a huge strain on Water Utility companies and Water Treatment plants.

How can Online Remote Monitoring benefit the Water Industry?

Whether you are running a Water Treatment facility, Water Utility or simply consuming large quantities of water in your industrial operations, Remote Monitoring solutions can give you a real-time picture of the information most important to you.

With SenseGrow’s Real-Time IoT Platforms, you can remotely monitor:

  • Water levels in tanks
  • Water quality and pH levels
  • Water flow meters to track consumption
  • Water temperature & pressure
  • Detect & Prevent leakages
  • Water pumps & motors

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What other industries can benefit from Online Remote Monitoring Solutions?

SenseGrow has helped the following industries monitor and manage their water related business needs in real-time, and we can help you too.

Manufacturing Plants Paper & Pulp Factories
Distilleries Textile Factories
Glass Production Plants Sugar Mills

What do I need to get started?

You will need Connected Analyzer Hardware, IoT Platform and Remote Monitoring Application.

If you already have the hardware and a team to build the app for you, then Sign Up Now for a free account. This account is free for it’s lifetime and can be used to build proof-of-concepts before scaling and deploying the solution enterprise wide. We can help your team connect the hardware using SenseGrow’s IoT Platform. After that you can build your IoT solution faster.

If you are not sure where to start, Contact Us and we will connect you with our Certified Partners who can deliver the entire solution to you as per your requirements.

What would it cost me?

Other than the hardware cost, there is Zero Cost to build a prototype solution. When you are ready to scale, check out our competitive subscription plans. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, we can connect you with our certified partners.

What is this case study about?

This case study shows how companies are using remote monitoring and management solutions to audit and bill various industries for their water usage. By integrating water usage to backend billing systems, local governments are able to monitor which factory is using how much water and bill them accordingly. This leads to such industries self-regulating their water use and wastewater.

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