Energy Monitoring System IoT

IoT for Smart Energy Monitoring and Management

Almost all aspects of running a business require consumption of energy. No wonder the energy bill is among the largest operational expenses for enterprises. With Internet of Things (IoT) it is possible to remotely monitor and manage your energy usage and take timely actions to stop inefficiencies. With Smart Alerts and Push Notifications, SenseGrow helps you stay on top of operations.

With SenseGrow, you can:

  • Monitor your energy usage remotely
  • Analyze energy usage data to take corrective actions
  • Use dashboards to monitor data, all in real-time
  • Generate compliance reports for energy audit
  • Monitor your equipment remotely

Which industries can benefit from Remote Monitoring & Management of Energy?

Whether you are running a Solar Farm, a Hospital, an Oil & Gas Plant or simply Monitoring Energy Meters to bill tenants for power usage. If you are spending a lot on generating, transporting or consuming energy for your business, then you can benefit greatly from a smart energy solution. SenseGrow has helped companies in these sectors to rein in their energy consumption and add to their bottom-line.

Movie Theaters Hospitals
HVAC Manufacturing Plants
Energy Meters Oil & Gas Plants
Office Buildings Housing communities with sub-metering

Some of our clients are already saving on their energy bills. Contact Us to find out how you can too.


What are these benefits?

Remote Monitoring & Management solutions for Energy can help your business save up to 30% on your energy bills. Our clients are realizing up to 30% reduction in their energy bills in as early as two months or less.

What do I need to get started?

You will need Connected IoT Hardware, IoT Platform and Energy Management Application. It sounds very confusing, but SenseGrow can help you with all three.

If you already have the hardware and a team to build the app for you, then Sign Up Now for a free account. This account is free for it’s lifetime and can be used to build proof-of-concepts before scaling and deploying the solution enterprise wide. We can help your team connect the hardware using SenseGrow’s IoT Platform. After that you can build your IoT solution faster.

If you are not sure where to start, Contact Us and we will connect you with our Certified Partners who can deliver the entire solution to you as per your requirements.

What would it cost me?

Other than the hardware cost, there is Zero Cost to build a prototype solution. When you are ready to scale, check out our competitive subscription plans.

What is this case study about?

This case study talks about how Real-Time Monitoring solutions by SenseGrow can help the Solar Farm industry. Using ioEYE, you can monitor ambient factors that affect PV productivity, all in real-time. Get insights for performance & yield analysis and identify areas of losses. Monitoring solutions also enable you to track other key assets like distribution transformers to avoid breakdowns. This results in operational efficiency leading to lower costs that can ultimately be passed down to your customers.

Download our Case Study

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