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Remote Monitoring with IoT for the Oil & Gas Industry

Oil & Gas industry deals with a myriad of operational challenges that can have a huge financial impact. With increasing demand and growing costs, the need for running efficient operations is more critical than ever. Whether these challenges emerge in the extraction process or distribution, it is imperative to ensure continuous operations. This requires monitoring of all installations at all sites with reliable means to collect data and get timely alerts in case something goes wrong. Oil & Gas industry has relied on SCADA systems to be able to do that. With IoT real-time monitoring solutions, they have the flexibility to monitor all sites and assets from a centralized location.

How can Online Remote Monitoring benefit the Oil & Gas Industry?

With SenseGrow’s Real-Time IoT Platforms, you can remotely monitor:

  • Pumps, Compressors & Flow Meters
  • Pipeline Pressure & Temperature for integrity
  • Rectifiers for Cathodic Protection to monitor pipeline corrosion
  • Tanks to detect leaks and spills
  • Assets to detect theft
  • Energy consumption

What do I need to get started?

You will need Connected Analyzer Hardware, IoT Platform and Remote Monitoring Application.

If you already have the hardware and a team to build the app for you, then Sign Up Now for a free account. This account is free for it’s lifetime and can be used to build proof-of-concepts before scaling and deploying the solution enterprise wide. We can help your team connect the hardware using SenseGrow’s IoT Platform. After that you can build your IoT solution faster.

If you are not sure where to start, Contact Us and we will connect you with our Certified Partners who can deliver the entire solution to you as per your requirements.

What would it cost me?

Other than the hardware cost, there is Zero Cost to build a prototype solution. When you are ready to scale, check out our competitive subscription plans. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, we can connect you with our certified partners.

What is this case study about?

This case study shows how companies are using remote monitoring and management solutions to lower their energy usage and bills. They are able to monitor all pipeline terminals at a centralized location. They get alerts in real-time if something goes wrong, allowing their engineering staff to be 100% accountable.

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