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IoT: Monitoring & Control Solutions for Healthcare Facilities

Healthcare facilities are a delicate ecosystem where patient recovery is managed despite the pathogens that get introduced into the system. The most efficient way to control airborne pathogens is through maintaining positive and negative air pressures in the facility. With different pressure needs in critical care wards and operating rooms, hospitals protect their patients, staff and visitors from these pathogens. Any change in the air pressure requirement needs to be handled with utmost urgency.

In addition to that, cleanrooms have a different set of requirements in terms of contaminants and particulate matter. Designating cleanrooms based on their level of cleanliness needs to be done within compliance levels to ensure safety.

Healthcare facilities also deal with other operational challenges, such as backup generators and their maintenance while trying to lower their energy consumption.

What other ways can Remote Monitoring & Management solutions help?

With SenseGrow’s Real-Time IoT Platforms, a variety of Remote Monitoring solutions can be built to not only provide a safe and clean facility for patients and staff, but also run healthcare operations efficiently. You can monitor:

Energy Usage Backup Power Generators
Clean Rooms HVACs
Chiller Temperature Hydrant Pressure
Air Quality Noise Levels
Isolation/Critical Wards Tracking Patient Movements

SenseGrow partners are already building solutions for healthcare facilities to help them run their operations efficiently. Contact Us to find out how you can too.


What are these benefits?

Remote Monitoring & Management solutions can help your facility save up to 30% on your energy bills in as early as two months. You can monitor the fuel levels and consumption in your backup power generators to prevent theft. With real-time monitoring you can achieve 100% compliance for air quality and pressure in your isolation and critical care wards.

What do I need to get started?

You will need Connected IoT Hardware, IoT Platform and Energy Management Application. It sounds very confusing, but SenseGrow can help you with all three.

If you already have the hardware and a team to build the app for you, then Sign Up Now for a free account. This account is free for it’s lifetime and can be used to build proof-of-concepts before scaling and deploying the solution enterprise wide. We can help your team connect the hardware using SenseGrow’s IoT Platform. After that you can build your IoT solution faster.

If you are not sure where to start, Contact Us and we will connect you with our Certified Partners who can deliver the entire solution to you as per your requirements.

What would it cost me?

Other than the hardware cost, there is Zero Cost to build a prototype solution. When you are ready to scale, check out our competitive subscription plans. If you are looking for an end-to-end solution, we can connect you with our certified partners.

What is this case study about?

This case study talks about how Real-Time Monitoring solutions by SenseGrow are helping hospitals and other healthcare facilities. Using ioEYE, you can monitor the energy usage and lower your energy bills by 11%. With real-time monitoring of air pressure, you can achieve 100% compliance. You can lower your overall fuel consumption by 23% and track 100% of your backup generator fuel levels to account for issues like fuel theft.

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