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ioEYE Industrial IoT Remote Monitoring Platform

ioEYE is not only an IoT Platform but also an IoT Remote Monitoring Application. With a few clicks, you can:

  • Configure any pre-certified gateway and device
  • See your device data in real-time custom dashboards
  • Set alarms and alerts to stay on top of your Things and ensure their optimal performance
  • Run data analytics
  • Generate reports for compliance

You can also build your own IoT application by using ioEYE as an Application Enablement Platform (AEP). This enables you to focus on your application and not worry about the underlying core IoT layers.

IoT Solution-energylogiciq

EnergyLogicIQ makes energy data simple to acquire, understand and act upon - so that missed insights do not become missed opportunities. A next generation solution for today's energy conscious enterprise. EnergyLogicIQ has hundreds of smart features that help you save energy and money. EnergyLogicIQ performs more than 130 million calculations on energy data to pinpoint causes of energy loss, inefficient assets and identify areas for improvements.

IoT Solution-energylogiciq-generators

Discover the efficiency of your PV panels with EnergyLogicIQ-Solar

  • Solar plant performance monitoring
  • Insights on scheduling of O&M
  • Smart demand management tool
  • Tool to measure net electricity, generated less used
  • Real-time performance ratio & solar yield calculation
  • Active monitoring for faults which are impossible to detect
IoT Solution-energylogiciq-generators

Thousands of generator owners reduce operating and fuel costs with EnergyLogicIQ-Generator while staying on top of their operating conditions in real time:

  • Fuel management and inventory
  • Energy generated
  • Fuel efficiency
  • Run hours
  • GPS position
  • Battery voltage
IoT Solution-EnviroLogicIQ

EnviroLogicIQ is the next generation software for insight into your environment data. It acquires data from environmental sensors and analyzers in real time and stores it in a time series big data database. It alerts your environment team, in real-time before any potential environment noncompliance. You can analyze and generate reports on this data for compliance reporting, O&M, process improvements and environment performance management.

IoT Solution-Smart Streetlights

SenseGrow Smart Streetlight application enables you to control commercial streetlights remotely. Find out which lights are not working and need replacement. Set on-off and dimming schedules. Receive alerts whenever certain lights are not functioning.

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