ioEYE IoT Platform brings Remote Monitoring to your
infrastructure in just a few clicks


Need help to figure out how ioEYE can deliver IoT to Remotely Monitor your infrastructure?

ioEYE IoT Dashboard

ioEYE IoT Cloud Platform

ioEYE enables you to connect your devices to the cloud in just a few clicks and see your device data come to life. Install our marketplace apps on top of ioEYE to extract even more value from your data. Signup for a Free account to get started.

Use Cases


IoT Cloud Enterprise - Energy

SenseGrow is helping enterprises utilize IoT to lower their energy bills.


IoT Cloud Enterprise - Water

SenseGrow is using IoT to help enterprises with real-time water monitoring data.


IoT Cloud Enterprise - Environment

SenseGrow is making enterprises environmentally compliant with IoT solutions for air quality monitoring.

Oil & Gas

IoT Cloud Enterprise-Oil-Gas

Pipeline leaks and corrosion are now being predicted with IoT solutions.

Supply Chain

IoT Cloud Enterprise - Supply Chain

Warehouse Management with IoT is enabling more efficient Supply Chain Management Solutions.

Smart Buildings & Cities

IoT Cloud Enterprise - Smart Cities and Buildings

Run smarter and more efficient buildings as well as cities with SenseGrow's IoT solution suites.



Pre-certified Device Drivers on the Cloud.

Freedom to choose, change or add devices at any time.



Powerful APIs to Integrate with any System.

Build secure IoT monitoring and management applications with ease.



Real-time Alerts over email and SMS.

Know what is happening with your deployment, all in real-time.



Reports, Dashboards and Export functionality.

Monitor your data in real-time dashboards. Integrate with backend systems for Billing, Compliance, ERP, CRM etc.



Big Data Storage to Monitor at any Scale.

Keep all your data and maintain historical records for better insights.



Data Verification Algorithms.

Sensor data is verified and validated to monitor unusual behavior.



Carrier & Device Management.

Manage your SIM cards and data connectivity. Run network diagnostics for trouble-shooting.



Integration with Maps & GIS.

Know where your remote assets are physically located, while monitoring them from your desk.



What is ioEYE?

ioEYE is an easy to use platform for Internet of Things applications. It allows you to deploy your Industrial Remote Monitoring solutions in just a few clicks. Get started on the road to becoming IoT ready with our competitive subscription plans and minimal risk to your investment.

How can Internet of Things benefit me?

If you are responsible for efficient operations of a facility, then Internet of Things can benefit you in multiple ways. You could use Internet of Things to:

  • Monitor and manage your facility's energy footprint.
  • Monitor the air quality for environmental compliance.
  • Monitor the output of your solar panels.
  • Monitor the health of your factory machinery and predict failures.
  • Monitor your HVAC and backup generators to prevent breakdowns.

Does ioEYE provide me all the possible IoT solutions for Remote Monitoring?

ioEYE lays down the foundation on which you can deploy any solution that your facility might require. With just a few clicks, ioEYE enables you to bring sensor data both from existing sensors as well as new ones into our Big Data Cloud application and monitor your data using real-time dashboards. When you need a more specific solution for your facility, then our IoT App Marketplace provides you multiple apps to deploy on top of ioEYE without making any changes to your IoT infrastructure.

How can I get take advantage of IoT Remote Monitoring with ioEYE?

Getting started with ioEYE is fast and simple. Follow these four simple steps and you will be on your IoT journey faster than you ever imagined.

  • Select a suitable off-the-shelf gateway and flash it with our open source libraries. If you are not sure how to do that, we can provide you a pre-configured gateway of your choice.
  • Connect your IoT sensors and other devices to this gateway and power it on.
  • Login to your ioEYE account and use the configuration wizard to setup your gateway and devices.
  • Create real-time dashboards, alerts and reports to watch your device data come to life.

What if I want to use gateways from multiple vendors for my Remote Monitoring solution?

No problem at all. Feel free to use as many different gateways and devices as you need. ioEYE supports them all. Best part is, you never have to make any changes to your existing deployment to accommodate new gateways and sensors/devices. Just follow the four simple steps mentioned before and you will be on your way.

I am a System Integrator looking to integrate a custom IoT solution for my customer but none of the apps in the IoT App Marketplace serve my purpose. How can ioEYE help me?

We have you covered. ioEYE is not only a Remote Monitoring product built for Remote Monitoring but also an Internet of Things Platform. You can use ioEYE's APIs to integrate gateways and devices with any front-end application you want to build. ioEYE gives you not only the speed and reliability of doing a PoC to win your customer but also the flexibility of APIs to build a full-blown IoT solution with the scalability that IoT demands. As a System Integrator, you can do all of this at 40% of the cost and 60% faster than using a generic middleware platform.

I am a Hardware OEM building Smart IoT Devices and want to offer a software application to my customers that is built around my devices. How can I do that with ioEYE?

You can start by contacting us. We will work with you to make sure your hardware is supported, tested and certified to work with ioEYE. We can then help you to build a custom IoT application that is designed around your smart devices and for your customers only. You can also choose to publish this app on our IoT App Marketplace to take advantage of the partner ecosystem that is built around ioEYE.

I am building an IoT software solution to target a specific IoT market and will be using gateways and sensors from multiple vendors to deliver and deploy the solution. Can ioEYE help me get my product to market faster?

Yes, absolutely! ioEYE enables you to deliver your IoT applications using any gateway and sensor you want. Our team will work with you to integrate, test and certify any new hardware on ioEYE so you can use it in your product in a plug-n-play manner. ioEYE already supports several different gateways and their libraries are available online for free. Using ioEYE you can significantly reduce your development time by focusing on your business case without having to build the core IoT pieces yourself.