Build Highly Secure IoT Solutions
to Automate and Monitor Remotely


Tell us what you need and we will guide you through it.

Integrate with Existing Solutions

Our unique architecture with support for legacy devices, makes it easy to integrate with any existing deployment without risk of downtime

Never get stuck with what you started with

With freedom to add or remove any IoT devices in your deployment, you can easily manage changes without affecting your customers or yourself

Enterprise Grade Security

Your solution is only as good as the security around it. Monitor and Manage your devices knowing that they are protected by the Highest Grade Enterprise Security.

Insights, Alerts and Actions

Get Insights on how to make your operations more efficient. Receive Real-Time Alerts and take Timely Action when there is any deviation.



Pre-certified Device Drivers on the Cloud.

Freedom to choose, change or add devices at any time.



Powerful APIs to Integrate with any System.

Build secure Monitoring and Managing Applications with ease.



Real-time Alerts over email and SMS.

Know what is happening with your solution, all in real-time.



Reports, Dashboards and Export functionality.

Monitor your data in a Real-Time Dashboards. Integrate with backend systems for Billing, Compliance, ERP, CRM etc.



Big Data Storage to Monitor at any Scale.

Keep all your data and maintain historical records for better insights.



Data Verification Algorithms.

Build secure Monitoring and Managing Applications with ease.



Carrier & Device Management.

Manage your SIM cards and Data Connectivity. Run Network Diagnostics for trouble-shooting.



Integration with Maps & GIS.

Know where your Remote Assests are physically located, while Monitoring them from your desk.