“We are using InstaMsg for integrating our new range of turbine flow meters with our water auditing and billing software. These meters are used by water utilities and industry in 19 countries. SenseGrow has been a partner that has helped us realize our IoT vision faster and at a cost lower than what we had budgeted.”
Manish Jadeja
Ztech Instruments

About Ztech Instruments

Ztech Instruments was established in the year 2006. Ztech manufactures reliable assortment of Process Indicator, Digital Gauge, Digital Scanner, Flow Meters, Level Switch And Transmitter, Pressure Transmitter, etc. Our products finds their applications in measuring and controlling pressure, temperature, humidity, flow, level. We export our products to more than 19 countries. Our meters and instruments are used by utilities and by different industries such as base metals, cement, chemical, mining, food, paper & pulp, power generation and sugar.

Why InstaMsg?

Ztech supplies turbine flow meters to one of the largest water utilities in Gujarat, there utility customer wanted them to provide real time connectivity between their software and the water meter. They were also getting enquiry for a smart water meter from a lot of their existing customers too. One of their competitors had already launched its smart meter solution. They were short on time to launch such a water meter.

“We wanted results in few weeks instead of months. We already had an water metering application but that was only designed for manual entries or hand held equipments. We were looking for a solutions provider when one of our existing vendors recommended SenseGrow. We called up SenseGrow and they immediately set up a call with one of their hardware vendors and we were able to kickstart the project within 24 hours of calling them. They along with their device partner were able to provide us a prototype within 2 weeks. Yes we had a working model in the third week of calling them. It took us a week more to finalize the hardware form factor and how to integrate InstaMsg into our billing application. Within 5 weeks we were doing a pilot with one of our customer. Today we have more than 800 meters in field and InstaMsg has given us an uptime of 99.9%. The best part is that the per meter cost is so low that we have in build the cost of InstaMsg cloud service for the entire life of the meter into our product cost. “ - Manish Jadeja, Director, Ztech Instruments

What did we achieve?

Lab to market within few weeks instead of months - All this happened at a fraction of cost that Ztech had budgeted for this initiative. Simplified integration with their billing system that they supply with their water meters. InstaMsg restful api made integration faster.
Saving millions of liter of water each day - Real time interval data from Ztech water meters enables their customers to analyse consumptions patterns. Alerts are sent to consumers when water consumption pattern is different than the normal consumption. This simple feature itself has helped save millions of liter of water.
No vendor lock in - InstaMsg clients are open source and support a variety of chipsets and programming language. This enables Ztech to chose the hardware chipset of our choice. Ztech started this a Wavecom chipset but later moved its solution to a Telit chipset that supported ARM architecture. Moving to a different platform just required them to swap InstaMsg client libraries.