“InstaMsg has helped us innovate and take our products faster to the market.”
Jithu Niruthambath
Atoll Solutions

About Atoll Solutions

Atoll Solutions is a company focussed on enabling customers in Machine to Machine (M2M) / Internet of Things (IoT) area. Atoll is a one stop shop for providing building blocks and solutions for IoT product development. We plan to achieve this with collective knowledge within the company and right partnership with Industry Innovators in different verticals.

Why InstaMsg?

Atoll believes in rapid innovation and provides the building blocks required for realizing the IoT vision of its customers. They provide rapid prototyping of IoT hardware and all the necessary blocks for quick go to market for its customers. Atoll needed a partner that could provide a platform for IoT connectivity that could reduce time to market for solutions developed using their products. Atoll chose InstaMsg to provide the real time connectivity between its devices and the apps driven by these devices.

“Product cost and time to market and improves chance of success. We realized that we needed to offer an solutions that also helps our customers to build their end apps faster. We realized that InstaMsg along with its open source client libraries could reduce the development time substantially.Today we use InstaMsg for almost all our solutions.” - Jithu Niruthambath, CEO, Atoll Solutions

How IntaMsg Helped?

Reliable and secure connectivity - Today most of our products use InstaMsg as their backbone for connectivity. This allows Atoll to focus on their product development instead of developing the IoT connectivity infrastructure.
Easy and fast app development - The InstaMsg secure rest APIs make it easy for our customers to develop business apps faster. Today it takes days for our customers to get an apps developed around our hardware. InstaMsg save at least a man year of development costs.
Fast proof of concept demonstration - InstaMsg when coupled with ioEYE allows us to demonstrate solutions to end customers faster. In most cases this can be done without any coding by our team.