Maestro E225 Routers with ioEYE for IoT solutions

We are proud to announce that maestro E225 device is now supported on ioEYE. SenseGrow's Certified Partners are already developing Energy and Environment Monitoring solutions using maestro E225 gateways.

Maestro M100 Routers with ioEYE for IoT solutions

Using Maestro M100 Routers with ioEYE for IoT solutions

Compact and intelligent modem running Open AT ® Application Framework

MSF Airsprint - 1030 with ioEYE for IoT solutions

SenseGrow's ioEYE Cloud Platform now supports Micro System Foundations' Airsprint - 1030 device. Libraries are available to use this device for IoT solutions in a plug-n-play fashion. Micro System Foundations and SenseGrow are working together to enable more and more customers to build IoT solutions.

Embrace IoT or be left behind

Embrace IoT or be left behind … via @CIO Story - Business Technology Magazine

Water Conservation: Integration of GIS and IoT

The American Water Works Association indicated that 237,600 water line breaks each year in the U.S. and cost public water utilities approximately $2.8 billion annually. Further, aging and leaky pipes steal 7 billion gallons each day from our water systems.

IOT: Changing Lifestyle

Dreams are becoming reality with IOT. IOT has made drastic changing in the life of human. The world and everything around us is becoming smart day by day. How good would it be if your own car can sense when you’re about to exit the mall and drive up to you with heated seats and music playing, which if one of your favourites. I’m not joking.

IoT: Remote Monitoring for Smart Farms

Precision Agriculture is the most talked about topic in the farming industry, a market that is expected to grow to $3.7 billion by 2018. This necessity is fueled mainly due to the increasing population and the scarcity of natural resources. Farming industry, as unlikely as it may seem, has been an enthusiastic adopter of the Internet of Things.