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Environmental impact of autonomous vehicles
By Monty May 16, 2016

Autonomous vehicles and their advantages to the society have been talked about a lot recently. On the flip side, a lot has been said about how it will affect the employment and livelihood of people who depend on transport related jobs.

IIoT: Necessity for Oil & Gas Industry
By Monty May 12, 2016

Oil prices have been experiencing new lows with no sign of relief for the oil and gas industry.

IoT: Drones for utility asset inspections
By Monty May 09, 2016

Use of drones has been visualized for an immense number of applications not only in the consumer market but also in enterprise. While the FAA is working on the regulations for drones, makers have been building solutions, or at least concepts of it, for various use cases.

IoT solution for the HVAC industry
By Monty May 06, 2016

HVACs are probably among the most energy consuming systems in a building. IoT solutions for HVACs are pretty straightforward and are some of the many that show immediate return on investment.

Security: IoT Platforms vs Platforms repurposed for IoT
By Monty May 02, 2016

Security has been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to IoT, or at least when something goes wrong and generates a lot of news. We all have heard about how some car systems were hacked and the potential for the havoc it can cause.

IoT: Remote Monitoring for Smart Farms
By krishanu April 29, 2016

Precision Agriculture is the most talked about topic in the farming industry, a market that is expected to grow to $3.7 billion by 2018.

How can Car Companies secure the connected future in the Cloud?
By Monty April 28, 2016

A car by itself, despite all the bells and whistles is probably the least connected aspect of our daily lives.

Is Enterprise IoT too complicated?
By Monty April 28, 2016

IoT for enterprise may sound like an entirely new concept, but it has existed in the industry for a long time. SCADA systems and M2M have been doing it, in philosophy, for decades now to solve some very industry specific pain points and that too in the form of a very specific solution.