Will self-driving cars meet the ever increasing expectations?

A few weeks ago, one of Google's self-driving cars got into a little fender-bender in Mountain View, home of SenseGrow. A lot has been said about the long road ahead for self-driving cars when it comes to safety. Some interesting views were highlighted here.

This also reminded me of an incident where the self-driving car erred on the side of caution when it encountered a bicycle at a stop sign.

Considering that there were ~30,000 automobile accidents (not including minor fender-benders) in US in 2014 alone that resulted in ~32,000 deaths (data from Insurance Institute for Highway Safety), there are still quite a few human factors that need to be accounted for. The road ahead maybe long, but so far the results look very promising for self-driving cars. Let's just hope these minor incidents don't derail future efforts.

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