Why only an IoT Ecosystem can succeed!

The pitfalls of not focusing on the ecosystem have been covered very well in the context of Nest and Smart Homes. The lack of Open Standards has created these silos of apps and products that has put the end-user in a bind. Almost every single smart home product comes with it's own app and imagine using a separate app for managing a product just because some other vendor made it. This applies not only to the Smart Home market but any IoT market. A different flavor of similar problem can be seen in the Industrial IoT segment as well. With devices from different vendors using different protocols, the lack of Open Standards is creating problems for large-scale adoption. This is why only an IoT ecosystem can succeed in this race. Developing solutions on IoT Platforms that offer interoperability, Industrial IoT solutions can still communicate with different vendor devices. Smart Home, on the other hand, has become a battlefield for some of the largest players, for whom interoperability is not in their best interest.

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