What is the barrier for fully Connected Cars to become mainstream?

Tesla Roadster was the catalyst needed to put fully electric cars in other car OEMs future roadmap. Similarly, it will probably take impetus from some car OEM to pull everyone else on to the Connected Car bang wagon.

To Toyota’s credit, they were indeed the ones that made hybrids popular with their Prius model. In the process, they dragged everyone else into building cars that were not gas-guzzlers. Toyota was the first to make the idea of fuel efficiency important, with help from increasing gas prices of course. Tesla was the first to make electric cars worthy of consideration as an option.

As recent history of the auto industry is evidence, the threat of becoming irrelevant, not because of another company’s innovation but because of missing out on consumer demand, has been a positive driving force. But then, this is true for any company worth it’s salt.

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