Water & Wastewater Monitoring

Remote Online monitoring of water/wastewater facilities

Putting your water and wastewater treatment systems in the cloud

Sensegrow has developed the ioEYE cloud platform to monitor the data online & provide alert for the alarming situations. Now it’s easy to analyse the water and wastewater treatment locations through Sensegrow website or iPhone/app. Manage multiple devices from one login and quickly and easily monitor:

  • Water levels in tanks
  • Water quality and pH levels
  • Water flow meters to track consumption
  • Water temperature & pressure
  • Detect & Prevent leakages
  • Water pumps & motors

Reduce maintenance trips, improve customer service and get full control of your system at any time from anyplace!

Save time, save energy and save money with Sensegrow - ROI after just one visit!

How can you make sure that your pumps are operational when water levels rise? Or when water quality exceeds the permitted pH quality levels? What are the current Chlorine levels? What is the current pressure levels in my pumps? With sensegrow connected to your water treatment system, you can see the exact status of your system at any time. This can help reduce onsite visits by only making necessary service.

Not only can you monitor your water treatment system, you can even remote program or configure the integrated PLC system using the remote access mode. Receive immediate notifications of threats to your facility

Sensegrow products are a low-cost way to monitor critical conditions at unattended pump stations, wells and tank farms. Receive immediate notification of any environmental or equipment changes, including:

  • Power failures
  • Pump status
  • Tank level
  • Changes in pressure
  • Temperature fluctuations
  • Equipment malfunctions
  • Flow rate
  • Motor torque
  • Security Breaches

Sensegrow systems operate 24/7, providing an extra layer of protection for remote sites. They instantly notify you of any readings outside of your preset parameters and potential threats to your pumps and systems. Early notification enables you to take fast, preventive action. Avoid significant disruption to operations, equipment and property damage, and workplace contamination. You minimize the costs of downtime, maintenance, cleanup and fines.