Smart Cities: IoT for Waste Management

Creating waste is one of the few necessary evils that does not get nearly enough attention. In US alone, we are generating 30% more waste per day than we did 50 years ago. Steps have been taken to handle and process this waste in a better way and building better awareness among people has helped.

As each household now has multiple bins, such as for trash, recycle, yard waste etc., the level to which each bin is filled is becoming more unpredictable. While earlier everything went into one bin, thereby being full in time for pick up, now these multiple bins may or may not be entirely full at pick-up time.

For households, this may not be a huge issue, considering how close together they are and also the bins tend to be smaller, but the logistics of waste collection become a bit more complicated when you consider larger and remotely placed bins.

Many companies are building IoT solutions using sensors and cameras to gauge fill levels and scheduling pick-ups autonomously. These solutions are helping waste management companies operate more efficiently.

As more cities are starting to envision the possibilities of smarter solutions, deploying IoT solutions to manage waste is most definitely seen as one of the most important aspect of smart cities.

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