Security: IoT Platforms vs Platforms repurposed for IoT

Security has been a hot topic of discussion when it comes to IoT, or at least when something goes wrong and generates a lot of news. We all have heard about how some car systems were hacked and the potential for the havoc it can cause. Such concerns even if not as high profile, can and probably do occur in other sectors as well. There have also been a few cases of baby monitors and video surveillance systems being compromised. It almost seems that security is hardly seen as a requirement until there is a risk of life situation involved.

It definitely requires a fundamental shift in how product design is conceptualized. Instead of thinking about security as a part of the design, it is almost an afterthought. At best, it is just one of the aspects that is given a bare minimum effort as product features take precedence in order to distinguish the product.

At the same time, product developers should be able to focus on building their best products and not have to build security or any other core infrastructure needs. Just like you don’t go about building your own data center every time you build a connected product, security for connected devices should have the same approach.

Using appropriate tools can take care of that. Using a secure platform to take care of connectivity and security can take a lot of work out of the design process and future maintenance. With InstaMsg’s secure and scalable connectivity, product developers can focus on their product while InstaMsg takes care of security and pushing timely updates. This is the kind of fundamental shift in design that distinguishes a “True IoT Platform” like InstaMsg from other connected platforms that have been “repurposed for IoT”.

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