Revolv Abandoned! Opportunity for Tinkerers, Hackers & Makers!

Interesting development, or lack of it, in the Smart Home world.

With Google, Apple, Samsung and Amazon, all making a aggressive play to dominate the Smart Home market, the end-user seems to be getting the short end of the stick. This will become a rather common sight with other startups looking to ride the wave. Smart Home, despite it's popularity, is a very cluttered market with little value and even smaller margins. In the end, it boils down to how many households are willing to spend how much to make their home "Smart". With every Smart Home solution fighting for a piece of that pie, we will see a lot more Smart Home products go the Revolv way.

This, however, opens an opportunity for third-party developers to build software solutions of their own while utilizing such newly abandoned hardware hubs. Flashing your own SDK which makes devices interoperable can give a new life to these devices. Although, not every end-user could be considered savvy enough to flash these devices themselves, but this would definitely make for a good DIY project for tech tinkerers, hackers and Makers.

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