Using Maestro M100 Routers with ioEYE for IoT solutions

Compact and intelligent modem running Open AT ® Application Framework

Available in 2G, 3G and CDMA. The M100 is the perfect solution for M2M applications facing tough environmental conditions and extended lifetime requirements.

The M100 2G | M100 3G of the M100 series is the perfect solution for demanding M2M applications. Ultra compact and fully-featured, the M100 2G | 3G can be integrated easily into any industrial machine from electricity meters to intrusion alarms or vending machines to monitor with ioEYE Platform on real-time dashboard. M100 modems are fully type approved, making them immediately usable worldwide. Boasting the reliability the M100 Series is known for, the M100 modems are the perfect devices to support industrial protocols and accessories specifically developed by Maestro to ease integration with industrial equipment such as electricity meters, programmable logic controllers, lifts and vending machines.


  • Remote status check and monitoring
  • I/O monitoring
  • Dynamic DNS services
  • Ping
  • GPRS and IP configuration
  • Call screening
  • Remote AT command by SMS
  • Run Smart Pack or Sierra WIPSoft

We are proud to announce that Maestro M100 2G | 3G device is now supported on ioEYE. SenseGrow's Certified Partners are already developing Energy and Environment Monitoring solutions using maestro M100 gateways.

Through our Open Source libraries, you can use this device out-of-the-box to build your own IoT solutions in a matter of days. Seamlessly connect this device to SenseGrow Cloud Platform and watch as your device and data comes to life in intuitive charts and reports.

Monitoring set of Parameter (Average Power Factor, Frequency, Voltage, Total Active Energy Import) as per your need and view it through our ioEYE Platform.

ioEYE Platform:

A Saas based IoT platform designed to monitor assets for your requirement. Remotely monitor your assets like average Power Factor, Frequency, Voltage, Total Active Energy Import, among others. All the parameters are accessible remotely over the cloud. Keep an eye on your assets even while you are on the move.

Just sign up at and follow the steps.

How ioEYE Works?

Free access to ioeye account through Once you have Sign in to ioeye, then complete 3 Steps as listed below.

  1. Create Gateway
  2. Configure
  3. Provision
  • Creating Gateway with ioEYE

    Goto Devices -> Add Gateway ->

    Fill in the Device serial number, description, Communication Alert ( i.e. Alert timing when some fault occurs), Model Type.

  • Configure the gateway

    Choose the sensors and ports which are in use. Set the protocol for the ports. It is advised to set a max-min range for the data to trigger alerts when the range requirement is not fulfilled.

  • Provisioning

    Connecting gateway to SIM can be done easily by provisioning. Two steps to do this:

    • Use SSL certificate:SSL certificate can be added by provisioning key.
    • Provision via SMS:Fill in the Isd code*, Mobile*, APN* (Network Type), Username, Password, Sim Pin.


    *Mandatory to provision the sim with the device.


  • Connecting a device node

    Goto Devices -> View -> Add Device Node

    Complete the steps for creating a device, Configure, Map Datasource (Setting Modbus address 1-255)

  • Viewing sensor data

    Goto Devices -> View -> Device Node View ->

    Fig. Showing Average Power Factor sensor Data

    Set the Parameter (Average Power Factor, Frequency, Voltage, Total Active Energy Import etc) as per your need and view it through our ioEYE Platform.

  • Dashboard

    ioEYE user interface is designed to be very user friendly. Intuitively monitor your data with analysis and tracking.

    Fig. Monitor Parameter like Average Power Factor sensor Data, Frequency, Voltage, Total Active Energy Import etc


    ioEYE Features


    Pre-certified Device Drivers on the Cloud.

    Freedom to choose, change or add devices at any time.



    Powerful APIs to Integrate with any System.

    Build secure Monitoring and Managing Applications with ease.



    Real-time Alerts over email and SMS.

    Know what is happening with your solution, all in real-time.



    Reports, Dashboards and Export functionality.

    Monitor your data in a Real-Time Dashboards. Integrate with backend systems for Billing, Compliance, ERP, CRM etc.



    Big Data Storage to Monitor at any Scale.

    Keep all your data and maintain historical records for better insights.



    Data Verification Algorithms.

    Build secure Monitoring and Managing Applications with ease.



    Carrier & Device Management.

    Manage your SIM cards and Data Connectivity. Run Network Diagnostics for trouble-shooting.



    Integration with Maps & GIS.

    Know where your Remote Assests are physically located, while Monitoring them from your desk.


    ioEye Cloud Platform Solution using Maestro M100 Gateway




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