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What is ISO 50001 Energy Management System?
ISO 50001 is an international standard on best practice in energy management.It was developed by experts from over 60 countries.It will help you to increase energy efficiency, reduce costs and improve energy performance. It has been an eagerly awaited standard and could have a positive impact on 60 % of the world’s energy use.
What is an Energy Management System?
Energy Management is founded on the fact that energy is a controllable cost. In fact, a 10% to 15% reduction in energy use can be achieved by non-capital changes to processes and habits. Capital projects can add an additional 10% to 15% savings. That means properly implemented energy management system can bring energy savings of up to 30%. ISO 50001 is the new standard for implementing a robust Energy Management System. It implements the following:
  • Monitor energy use
  • Get management insight into energy consumption
  • Choose amongst energy saving options
  • Secure management commitment in implementing energy saving options
  • Instill energy awareness into your organization culture

At its core, any Energy Management System requires three components:

Energy Goal and Policy Statement -aligns your organization with the energy goals set by management. It ensures that the policy is recognized and becomes part of the organization culture.

Energy Leader - has the mandate to achieve the organization goal. The Energy Leader organizes and oversees a cross-functional team to identify energy-saving activities that meet ROI requirements, formulate action plans, and carry out implementations.

Energy Monitoring and Tracking Process - ensures that all savings are quantified and documented for regular management review. You can use ioEYE Energy™ for this.

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How does ISO 50001 Energy Management System certification help?
An ISO 50001 energy management system helps you to set and reach your organization's energy use goals. And realize the energy cost savings. ISO 50001 Certification is a valuable tool and can help you:
  • Formalize energy policy and objectives
  • Understand your energy usage, manage your energy consumption and reduce energy costs
  • Comply with green house gas (GHG) regulations and reduced carbon emissions
  • Create action plans, targets and key performance indicators (KPI)
  • Identify, prioritize, and record opportunities for improving energy performance
  • Meet government targets and stakeholder expectations
  • Understand energy risk exposure of you organization
  • Create respect for the energy management policy and promote energy efficient thinking in your organization
  • Position energy management as a key issue for investment by your organization
  • Integrate energy management system with existing management systems for greater benefit
  • Identify opportunities for new products and services in the low-carbon economy of the future
  • Improved operation and maintenance of equipments
  • Reduce environmental impact from energy wastage
  • Enhance business image, performance and GROW
Who is ISO 50001 for?
ISO 50001 is suitable for any organization – whatever your size, sector or geographical location. It is particularly relevant if you operate in an energy intensive industry or one facing GHG emissions regulation or legislation. Any organization that uses energy can benefit from implementing an energy management system. Manufacturers, retailers, IT companies, industrial plants, buildings can all benefit from an ISO 50001 energy management system. The larger your energy use, the more you will benefit. ISO certification is invaluable if:
  • You seek recognition from the public for reducing energy use
  • You want to make a clear statement of your efforts to reduce energy use and costs
  • You need global recognition of your desire to mitigate the risk of energy price volatility
  • You wish to be recognized as a environmentally friendly organization
  • You want to show you commitment to use of renewable energy
How to get an ISO 50001 certified?
The assessment is typically conducted in two stages. The first stage will look at the policy, documentation, processes and procedures. Stage two involves implementation of the policy, documentation, processes and procedures. This stage will involve discussions with all levels of staff within your organization. Subject to a successful implementation, a certificate of registration will be issued. The certificate will be valid for three years.
How does ISO 14001 compare with ISO 50001?
ISO 50001 parallels the ISO 14001 environmental management system. Consequently, organizations that already have an ISO 14001 system in place can easily integrate an ISO 50001 system into the existing system.