IoT: A new age for System Integrators

System Integrators are poised to be the link between IoT devices and all the magic waiting to happen at the other end of the spectrum. With their unique value as stitching solutions from multiple vendors into a comprehensive solution specific to any vertical, they offer a value proposition that IoT industry cannot live without. This puts them in a position to be sought after by solution providers and end customers alike.

Being an IoT middleware company, having a robust System Integrator partner network is very critical for SenseGrow. With a critical need for fast time-to-market, any System Integrator would greatly benefit from using IoT middleware such as InstaMsg and ioEYE to develop connected enterprise solutions while saving time, resources and ultimately cost. ioEYE with it's "true" interoperability enables System Integrators to develop solutions while focusing on the business case alone, leaving the core IoT components to ioEYE.

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