IoT: The Interoperability conundrum

Lack of interoperability is and will be a major issue for any IoT deployment. In a race to build a plethora of IoT devices, the hardware industry seems to be more focused on providing more features at a competitive price. In the process they are ignoring, either by choice or otherwise, the need for interoperability. Any city-wide or even an enterprise-wide IoT deployment is likely to use multiple hardware from multiple vendors. Smart Home is already stuck in this hole. Nest is finally realizing the need and taking the initial steps, but more needs to be done.

A lot of IoT platforms address the interoperability need but require a lot of manual configuration to make it happen. Introducing a new device into an existing deployment requires changes at the gateway level, introducing risk and added cost.

With this problem in mind, SenseGrow has created a truly interoperable platform that makes any IoT device plug and play. This architecture gives enterprises the flexibility to add more devices from multiple vendors without risking their current operations.
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