IoT: Drones for utility asset inspections

Use of drones has been visualized for an immense number of applications not only in the consumer market but also in enterprise. While the FAA is working on the regulations for drones, makers have been building solutions, or at least concepts of it, for various use cases.

From package delivery to asset inspections, drones provide a multitude of ways to add efficiencies to businesses that ultimately result in cost savings. As highlighted in this article, using drones to inspect utility assets such as transformers and power lines would add an extra layer of preemptive maintenance to the critical power infrastructure. Utilities rely on manual inspections to check for foliage that might impact power lines during storms. As thorough as it may be, there is always room for error since these decisions are very subjective right now. Using drones, IoT and analytics the maintenance crew will have an extra layer of inspection that will rely on concrete data to make the power infrastructure more resilient to the elements.

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