IoT: Building Management Systems for Commercial Real Estate
Using IoT in the Commercial Real Estate (CRE) market to understand more parameters other than location will widen the scope of opportunities not only for the CRE market but also the consumers. Building Management Systems (BMS) will be used for more efficient building operations and enhancing building-user experience. Solutions such as:
  • Monitoring flow and occupancy to regulate energy used for lighting and cooling.
  • Preemptive building maintenance.
  • Severe weather alerts for disaster preparedness.
  • Analyzing movement of building users to understand and plan for areas of heavy use.
Using IoT solutions in conjunction with data analytics will open up new ways to think about not just the property values but also the services that people can benefit from. Sign up for free access to our Platform. Sign up for our monthly newsletter to find out more about Smart Buildings. Previous Blog       Next Blog