IIoT: Opportunity for Manufacturing & Supply Chain industries

Some very promising and not at all surprising statistics about Industrial IoT (IIoT) and its impact. Considering that only 15% of manufacturers had implemented IIoT solutions back in 2012 and now 63% either have or are planning to do it soon, it really does put the money where the mouth is.

With a drop of 30% in overall maintenance costs with 70% fewer machine specific failures, overall savings are a very clear testament to the benefits of IIoT solutions. There are an immense number of IIoT applications in the manufacturing and supply chain markets, each addressing a very specific pain-point and in return bringing some very tangible benefits.

It will up to the industry leaders to understand their need and work towards building or procuring a custom solution that will serve them best. Considering the diversity of problems that need to be solved in the manufacturing and supply chain industries, an off-the-shelf solution may not be the answer.

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