How can Car Companies secure the connected future in the Cloud?

A car by itself, despite all the bells and whistles is probably the least connected aspect of our daily lives. Indeed, there are infotainment systems and emergency support systems but car connectivity has still not brought in the kind of services that all other connected systems in our daily lives have. Safety and the regulations around it probably had a lot to do with it in the beginning and now data security and privacy is becoming another roadblock. Hacking incidents have spooked the car companies and this has added further to the delay in innovation. Some car companies we have talked to seem to be averse to the idea of putting anything on the cloud. Some have gone even further as to stop collecting car data altogether. However, driver/driving centric services cannot grow until Cloud is a significant part of the design.

To begin preparing for the future, car companies will need to move away from traditional approaches. Expecting to design a connected system that is hacker-proof is simply not possible. Given enough time and motivation, hackers can compromise almost any system. It is the ability to respond and address such issues immediately is what needs to be considered by car companies.

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