Is Enterprise IoT too complicated?

IoT for enterprise may sound like an entirely new concept, but it has existed in the industry for a long time. SCADA systems and M2M have been doing it, in philosophy, for decades now to solve some very industry specific pain points and that too in the form of a very specific solution.

The reason for the slow adoption is probably not just because of IoT driving dollars to the bottom line instead of the top line. It probably has more to do with the other point made in this article about how IoT is complicated to talk about, to build and to deploy. Businesses that have been using monitoring solutions for a long time now already understand the benefits IoT can bring. Selling IoT to them is difficult because of the hesitation from fast moving technologies and the risk of high CAPEX that could potentially be non-recoverable. Imagine, overhauling an entire legacy deployment to make way for a newer one. This is enough to give chills to any business. By using IoT components that that don’t shackle them into proprietary technologies and by using platforms that enable them to build solutions with zero CAPEX, more businesses would be open to adopting IoT.

Slowly, but surely, enterprises will warm up to the idea of adopting IoT in their processes and see the benefits sooner than later.

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