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PISPL is one of the leading 3PL providers in India. They have a network of 200+ distribution and warehousing centers and a presence in 50+ cities across India. The products serviced by them are temperature sensitive. These products require specific temperature storage settings 24x7. With facilities spread across India, it was a daunting task to - maintain, log and monitor product storage environment on a continuous basis. It was also not possible for them to control energy cost associated with cooling. Maintaining lower temperatures than required was leading to higher energy consumption in some facilities. How much? No one knew. There was a big disconnect between the physical world and the enterprise – and this was making them bleed.

PISPL wanted to achieve a super efficient cold chain. The target was 100% temperature and FDA compliance. Zero rejection for products, worth millions of dollars, they handle each year. They evaluated a lot of building management system (BMS) that delivered the following:

  • Temperature Monitoring
  • Chiller Compressor Monitoring
  • Energy Management
  • Fire Alarm Monitoring

After evaluating many legacy technology solutions, like SCADA and BMS, they realized that these would not lead to a connected enterprise – and neither to a super efficient cold chain operation. They wanted a solution that was more than a monitoring or automation tool. They wanted something that would connect their physical world, enterprise systems and people together. They wanted something that would bridge the gap. Finally, their technology team decided to go with Machine-to-Machine (M2M) technology. Why? Because it could connect their physical world- sensors, automation systems, RFID System… to their enterprise world. M2M allowed them to use a mix of networking technology – including GPRS, Wireless and Ethernet.

To address these issues they deployed ioEYE M2M Platform. With ioEYE, they were able to implement the solution easily and at a small upfront cost. Now their employees and customers are able to - monitor their warehouses online from anywhere, generate reports. They could receive automatic alarms over SMS and email when temperatures are about to reach unacceptable levels. Leveraging ioEYE scalability - they added remote monitoring of fire alarm system, energy management and generator monitoring over a period of12 months. Moreover, all this now integrates with analytics and enterprise applications– and provides vital information to the management. Now this information allows them to maintain a super efficient cold chain. What was the benefit? Hear it from their COO…

“ioEYE is like a virtual employee to us, it continuously monitors our cold chain 24 x 7. We have been using it for the last 2 years and it has helped us reduce operations costs, make our cold chain safer and track-able , while increasing customer satisfaction.” - Sandeep Aggarwal, Director & COO

Now PISPL manages its warehouses more efficiently and safely. They have happier customers and you receive safer vaccines. PISP now has a super efficient cold chain. When you use a vaccine that comes from a PISPL cold chain – be assured that they are safe.