IoT Device and App Developers

Words of wisdom for all IoT Device Manufacturers and App Developers. Developing the connectivity layer is much harder than anybody realizes. It is not just the Scalability and Interoperability aspects, but the knowledge required to build something like that is ingrained in experience. Device and App developers in the IoT space need to realize that the cost of using an IoT platform is offset in multiple ways:

  1. Platforms are now cheaper than ever. SenseGrow platforms have monthly subscriptions starting at $0 with no upfront cost.
  2. It shaves off man-years of effort in releasing a connected product.
  3. Since platform developers have expertise in their domain, it relieves the Device and App developers from having to deal with connectivity related needs.
  4. Developers can focus on their connected products thus creating the differentiation they need in the IoT space.
  5. With a sharp focus on their product, developers can go to market faster.

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