Are Car Companies prepared to deal with the future?

Cant but help but disagree with Mr. Klein when trying to compare the ownership of a smartphone to the ownership of a car. Considering the price point and portability aspect of a smartphone or a tablet, it is only natural that people go to great lengths to personalize it and it ends up becoming an extension of their home or work. A car on the other hand is a means of transport which begins and ends between two points. The idea of connected car with infotainment and various connected features revolves around the idea of making the commute less torturous for the other passengers. As cars become more autonomous, the focus will continue to be on the passenger still, since there will be no designated driver to begin with. At that point the car will just become a pod for transport with passenger's connected devices still being the link to home or work.

Continuing to believe in car ownership would be a slow and painful death, as consumers go for convenience of ride sharing without the other costs like insurance and maintenance on top of the cost to own the car. Car companies will need to think of some very disruptive business models that make car ownership just a luxury for the enthusiasts while the masses move away from it.

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