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Selecting the right IoT Gateway for your IoT application

IoT Gateway are the most important part of your IoT infrastructure choosing one wisely is most important for success of your project.

IOT: Changing Lifestyle

Dreams are becoming reality with IOT. IOT has made drastic changing in the life of human. The world and everything around us is becoming smart day by day. How good would it be if your own car can sense when you’re about to exit the mall and drive up to you with heated seats and music playing, which if one of your favourites. I’m not joking.

Does a car need it's own internet?

Came across this interesting article on LinkedIn by Mark@Jasper listed some very interesting points for why a car needs it's own internet. Another reason would be that a smartphone cannot interact with the internal systems of the car. These systems can sense and report problems to the OEM or the car manufacturer without relying on a brought-in internet connection.

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Amazon makes another IoT Play

Amazon acquires IoT Platform 2lemetry
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Tim O'Reilly's Interview

Tim O'Reilly's views on IoT and it's impact
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What is Machine to Machine (M2M) Technology?

Know what is Machine to Machine (M2M) or Internet of Things (IOT)?
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Drivers in the Indian M2M Marketplace

You can read a recent article published on our M2M initiative in Indian market here