IoT: A new age for System Integrators

System Integrators are poised to be the link between IoT devices and all the magic waiting to happen at the other end of the spectrum. With their unique value as stitching solutions from multiple vendors into a comprehensive solution specific to any vertical, they offer a value proposition that IoT industry cannot live without. This puts them in a position to be sought after by solution providers and end customers alike.

Will self-driving cars meet the ever increasing expectations?

A few weeks ago, one of Google's self-driving cars got into a little fender-bender in Mountain View, home of SenseGrow. A lot has been said about the long road ahead for self-driving cars when it comes to safety. Some interesting views were highlighted here.

Going beyond In-Car Entertainment: Connected Car Diagnostics and Maintenance

At SenseGrow, we have a use-case for how this can be achieved with existing infrastructure in the recent car models. It is always convenient to build an end-to-end solution by building each individual piece anew. New gateways, innovative uses of the OBD port with new OBD dongles have all been explored, but the barrier for entry is still the automobile manufacturer. There is still very little data being exposed at the OBD port and it will be a long while before new hardware can make it into the vehicle manufacturing process.