IoT: Remote Monitoring & Diagnostics

Pretty cool concept from Rolls Royce for how remote monitoring can accomplish tasks that require immense manpower. Use of drones and other IoT technologies can automate a large number of tasks by using remote monitoring for efficiency. Even tasks that require human intervention can be managed through remote diagnostics. This would lead to using faster recoveries and fewer resources by knowing exactly what needs to be fixed and where.

Are IoT Platforms the Answer? Absolutely!

IoT Platforms have been talked about a lot lately. With all the challenges including the ones highlighted in this article, it makes even more sense for IoT platforms to be adopted faster than ever. Considering the number of devices and the different protocols, expecting developers to build expertise on the entire stack will be detrimental to the progress of IoT and it's applications.

IoT: Hype or a Natural Evolution?

"Study the past, if you would define the future" - Confucius.